Clinical Supervision

It’s been a challenging time to be a therapist or psychologist. We are on the front-line, dealing with skyrocketing demands for mental health services, transitioning back and forth to telehealth and the levels of distress and anxiety in our community. It’s important that you are getting sufficient support to continue working in these circumstances without impacting your own wellbeing.

Good supervision makes the difference between a good therapist and a great one.

Reflecting on your practice is essential for ongoing professional development and self care at all stages of your career. I’d encourage you to find a supervisor who is a good match for your interests and experiences and someone who can create a safe space for learning but also challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and identify blind spots.

When offering supervision I am informed by the modalities that I’ve completed certification over the years. These include Synergetic Play Therapy, Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy and Internal Family Systems.

I’m a psychology board approved supervisor but can also support social workers, counsellors and play therapists in their work. Please reach out if you have any questions or you’d like to find out if we’d be a good match for the next chapter in your professional development.